From The Beginning

The Babineaux Family Foundation is a non-profit organization
dedicated to filing the role of leadership and support in lupus
research and building a community center for the citizens of Port
Arthur.  The Babineaux Family Foundation is beginning its 5th year of
commitment to the Port Arthur community.

Started in Port Arthur in 2005, The Foundation helped with and
hosted multiple events for direct benefit of the community of South
East Texas.  While the primary goals are long-term goals, some
short-term goals include holiday drives, youth activities, and

As time has went on, so has the Foundation.  It has grown from a one
event a year organization to multiple events a year.  The founders
Jordan and Jonathan have dedicate there off-season time to the Port
Arthur community by hosting events driven by their presence.  
However, the in-season times are driven by the local presence of
Board Member of the Foundation and preplanned events.

Future growth is virtually unlimited.  With the help of Community
Officials (Government and Private Industry) and the Babineaux
Brothers, the Foundation will grow and be a community staple.  

Balance . Sincere . Focus