The Foundation

The Babineaux Family Foundation is working to develop a series of safe
havens in the Port Arthur community for it citizens. Some of the safe havens
will include support of existing structures in the area of food shelters, youth and
family based events, and education. Through these organizations the
Foundation has and will exist.  These structures are the base of the community
and the everyday function to life that many know and depend on.  The
continued support of holiday donations are as well important to maintain in the
Foundation's course.  Toy drives, food drives, and clothing drives are vital to
the Foundation events.  

The overall goal to create Lupus awareness and
research,  in  addition  to  building  a  community
center   has   been   and  will   maintain  as  the
organization's base.  Immediate functions of the
organization    will   be   based   on   the  above  
important  and  vital  events.  This overall goal is
a   long-term  goal,   which  the  Foundation  has
evaluated routine.  Potential and opportunities to
exceed these long-term goals are constantly evaluated by the Directors.            

The commonality of all involved helps to compete against the odds to make
the goals and objectives of the Foundation exceed development.  The
requirement of some of the goals are an enormous and strenuous task.  
However, the community has needs that are not minute.  It will take a thorough
evaluation and a community holding accountable a trusted organization to lead
the charge for better resources.  This challenge will be complex and timely.  
The Foundation is ready to push forward for the necessary change.  

                                                     The Foundation future expectations will
                                                     incorporate more community activities within     
                                                      the basis of some of the important and vital
                                                     day-to-day goals.  Events to be incorporated     
                                                      in the near future include: Summer Activities,
                                                     College Tours and Volunteering Projects for
                                                     students and more collegiate scholarships.        
Please contact us, if you or your organization are interested in a donation or a
pledge to the Foundation or the community, respectively.  

Motivate a community for the future through donation


                                     Balanced . Sincere .  Focus